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Commercial Fingerprint Door Locks

Electronic door locks are the ideal solution for securing your commercial space. When you incorporate fingerprint locks into the mix, your security is that much more personalized and convenient.

The power of biometric door locks ensures that only authorized people are entering your space. High-tech wireless fingerprint door locks and touchscreen smart locks powered by Bluetooth or Z-Wave bring the future of convenient security right to your fingertips.

How Does a Fingerprint Lock Work?

Fingerprint locks use your fingerprint data and convert it into a numerical template. It cross references that template against an approved list and if your fingerprint is on the list, you’re granted access.

These locks are ideal for businesses that want to keep close tabs on who is entering and exiting their space (and when they’re doing so), and don’t want to worry about constantly making new physical keys for new employees.

What is a Biometric Door Lock?

A biometric reader refers to any device that acknowledges a person’s identity through their physical attributes. Biometric readers are used in facial recognition technology and fingerprint locks.

For extra security, many biometric door locks will ask for a PIN even after your fingerprint has been approved. This added precaution ensures that your building is locked up tight.

With this method, traditional keys are unnecessary. And with many of the models we offer, you can easily see audit trails to track who and when someone has entered your space.

Fingerprint Lock Brands

Ultraloq - One of our most popular brands, Ultraloq provides your commercial space with smart security. Don’t feel like using your fingerprint to get inside? With this lock, you simply need to knock 4 times on your smartphone and voilà! Access granted.

STRATTEC Advanced Logic - These biometric door lock options consistently offer cutting edge technology. Utilizing Z-Wave, a wireless communication tool, these locks provide easily integrated automation so it’s easier than ever to access your space.

Smart Access Technologies - This smart access lock is designed specifically to control cabinet access. Up to 200 unique prints can be utilized for this fingerprint lock -- all it takes is the swipe of an approved digit to the censor to grant access!

Applications for Commercial Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint locks are ideal for commercial spaces that need uncomplicated accessibility. When you have staff coming and going, these locks ensure that your space remains secure. And with smarter technology, you can track who entered when with a complete activity log. Invest in fingerprint locks to make sure that you have control over who can enter your space. Tired of remaking physical keys for every new staff member? It’s time for commercial fingerprint locks to help you finally GoKeyless!