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When it comes to commercial door locks, keyless options are here to make your job a whole lot easier. From healthcare facilities to schools to kitchens, get in and out of your business environment easier and hassle-free. Investing in a security upgrade with a mechanical keypad door lock, keyless deadbolt or deadlatch offers you enhanced convenience and additional protection. Once you Go Keyless, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make the switch.

Benefits of Mechanical Commercial Locks

While keys are easily misplaced, keyless door locks offer the opportunity to come and go easily and securely, while increasing productivity and safety. Mechanical commercial door locks are a trusted and long lasting method of securing your space without relying on batteries or technology to get the job done. These long lasting locks are easy to install and even easier to use. These days, securing your commercial space is both affordable and convenient.

Types of Commercial Door Locks

Keypad Door Lock - Add in convenience and durability without increasing security costs. Keypad door locks get rid of rekeying costs when keys are inevitably lost. With a secure code that’s routinely updated, these locks keep your commercial space secure, no matter how many employees you have coming and going.

Keyless Deadbolts - Invest in additional security while maintaining a refined look. These commercial door locks eliminate the need for re-keying and offer strong protection against anyone who doesn’t have the correct code. Easy to install, this classic look will only enhance your workplace aesthetic.

Deadlatch - Increase security without having to track who locked up last. Deadlatches automatically lock when closed, offering you peace of mind in your commercial space. These durable and highly secure options take the guesswork out of ensuring offices, storage closets, and other doors are secured and only accessible by those granted authorization.

Additional Features

Looking for a little something extra? We’ve got you covered! From our entry/egress dual sided keypad door locks to exit trims, our commercial door lock options will provide high level security with a side offering of convenience. Utilize a combination of locks to ensure your commercial space is protected.


Mechanical commercial door locks are an easy and affordable way to bring safety and convenience to your workplace. From effective deadbolts to keypad door locks, these keyless options are perfect for external and internal doors alike. Keep spaces secure without a giant key ring.

Questions about which mechanical lock is right for your business? Go ahead and connect with us. We’re happy to help you on the journey to going keyless!