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Benefits of Keyless Residential Door Locks

Keyless residential door locks increase security to your home, while adding flexibility. Away from home and not sure your doors are locked? A digital door lock allows you to secure your doors from miles away. Need to let your dog-sitter in? A digital door lock can do that too! A large helping of technological upgrades help you say goodbye to those locked out, lost house key emergencies.

Which Residential Door Lock is Right for Me?

Deadbolts - Ready to ditch those clunky keys, but don’t want to sacrifice a classic look? Deadbolts might be the answer you’re looking for. Trusted and familiar, they provide a classic look while upgrading functionality and security. Check out our “smart” options, which can be accessed from your smartphone!

Mechanical - These keypad door locks are ideal for front and garage doors, patio sliding doors, and even backyard gates. Travel in and around your home keyless style!

Electronic - Electronic residential door locks allow for multiple codes and let you to enter and exit your home without a key in site. Track that your kids have arrived home safe, or lock your doors while you’re away on vacation with wireless options.

Fingerprint - If you’re looking to up your security measures, smart fingerprint locks are your best bet. Protect your valuables with a key that can’t be stolen or duplicated. Try the fingerprint lock from Ultraloq to fit your smart lifestyle, or the hard-wired eKey system.

Sliding Doors - This slick, weather-resistant keyless door lock is perfect for sliding doors. Check out the push button sliding door locks from Lockey. They come in different widths so you can mount them to a variety of sliding door frames and keep your home secure.


Residential keyless door locks are an easy and affordable way to increase security and convenience in your home. With the ability to lock your doors from far away, track who entered your home when, and even let in the forgetful family member, you’ll wonder how you ever made it by with “traditional” keys. Invest in a security system that can’t be replicated. Go Keyless!